How indify Works
Artists first, always
We help promising artists discover, connect, and transact with early-stage partners in a safe, efficient, and transparent way. We are driven to help every artist achieve their potential.
Our Platform

All indify partners can browse our leaderboard of curated artists, identifying potential partnerships based on streaming performance and the artist's needs.

Artists and partners alike can review each other's profiles to evaluate the fit of a partnership. The platform currently supports three types of partnership:

  • Funding partnerships to provide capital to artists
  • Management partnerships to support artists with professional representation
  • Marketing partnerships to fuel the visibility of artists with promotion services

Whenever a partner finds an artist they would like to partner with, they can formulate and send a formal offer through indify.

Through in-service messaging directly on indify, we enable quick and seamless conversation between artists and partners who are considering working together.


The indify platform currently handles all logistics associated with transferring funds, reporting, and payouts. All offers are legal and legitimate per our Terms of Use.

For hosting and facilitating the partnership indify receives 15% of the partner's earnings, post-recoupment.

Our Community

We are currently an invite-only platform with early access available for limited number of artists and partners.


For recording artist who:

  • is seeking new team members who can help fuel your future success
  • wants to maintain ownership of your masters
  • is excited about being part of the next chapter of the music business
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For investors, managers, marketers, and lawyers who:

  • believes in the economic future of music
  • supports fair deals for artists
  • wants to provide the missing piece needed for a promising artist to succeed
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Our Core Principles

In order to ensure that our platform remains 'artist first always' in nature, we've put forth below three core principles that all partnerships formed via indify must follow. With all partnerships on indify the artist must maintain:

  1. Master ownership - partners are not allowed to form partnerships on indify that result in the partner owning the artists' masters.
  2. Equitable share - partners are not allowed to form partnerships on indify that result in the artist getting less than 50% of their revenue post-recoupment.
  3. Creative control - partners are not allowed to forcible dictate or manipulate an artists' music or imagery; partners can encourage and advise an artists' work but the end creative must always be in the full control of the artist.
Share your feedback and ideas

The indify team is working hard to enable every artist to fulfill their potential and your input is extremely valuable in this process! Contact us at or find us on Twitter or Instagram.